Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Plan, plan, plan for public charging….The BMW ActiveE and a Farmers Market.

Last week on our wonderful trip to Temecula, Julie and I used Plug-Share on our phone and the connected drive on the BMW NAV and saw that there were two charging stations in Temecula that were level two J1772.   We have never tried public charging and we thought, let’s give it a try see how it works, even though we did not need it for this particular trip. 
We have relatives in Riverside which is about 150 mile round trip from our home and this location would be a perfect place to charge for 1-2 hours while we walk the downtown or passed the time in a restaurant to make that round trip possible.  We would also plug in 110 while visiting with our relatives.

We followed the NAV to the location and WOW there was a lot of people there, the parking lot was closed and there was a Farmers Market going on.  The charging stations were in the parking lot where the market was happening.  It would not be possible to charge for the next three hours we were told as a produce vender was all set up in the space. 
So we struck out on our first attempt to publicly charge.   If we were in dire need there was a Nissan Dealership nearby and several other public stations between there and Riverside  so we would not anticipate a problem finding a suitable spot.

Still, we were excited to try it and a bit shocked pardon the pun when a market was happening and we could not charge.

Loved the Farmers Market!  Hope to have a better experiance next time. We know now Saturday from 10-2 is not possible in Temecula.

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