Thursday, October 22, 2015

I am a fan of Tesla but I can't believe the risk they are taking with the autopilot.
They are one crash involving a fatality away from seriously damaging their company.

This is an area where caution is needed, not brash bravado.

Just my opinion.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Driving to Net Zero Short Film.

Through dozens of articles and thousands of words, we have told our story of living and driving powered by sunshine.   We've encapsulated this year long story into a brief 90 second short (very short) film. 

To all parties including media interested in sharing this story, please feel free to reproduce, link to or use free of charge the video and any of the writings during the Driving to Net Zero Energy Challenge. 


After 100 years of little change,  revolutionary changes are now underway in our transportation and energy segments. 

The "Thermal Age" is ending.
The "Renewable Age" is beginning.

The transition will take some time... however:

Never before has it been possible for a homeowner to create their own energy for their home and cars.

Never before has it been possible to power a home and cars with carbon free, emission free, energy that is less expensive than fossil fuel sources.

Never before has it been possible to so broadly share the wealth of energy among both individuals and corporations with equity to all reaches of our planet.

I am very optimistic for a wonderful future,  and I believe a new definition for living a healthy and premium life is required.   It simply must include a strong partnership with nature, using the renewable energy provided by nature.

renew your faith,
renew your optimism,