Saturday, February 25, 2012

Peak Oil, High Gas Prices, BMW ActiveE

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America, we have a problem.  Look at the last 10 years of data from the US EIA.

My interpretation of this graph, is bluntly  a "hockey stick" of sending our money offshore to pay for gasoline the past ten years that is becoming in shorter supply and costing more, placing our country on a path of economic decline while enriching other countries.

A hockey stick of relocating discretionary family income towards gasoline.

That sorta pisses me off.

This issue is not Democratic and it's not Republican.    It's American and spans tenures in positions of power of both Democrats and Republicans.

Quit Pandering!  Put us on a path towards energy independence and wealth creation.

Rant over, 

Loving the BMW ActiveE and loving not buying gasoline.


Spouse of an ActiveE Driver. 

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