Monday, June 21, 2010

You can live and drive on sunshine :)

Sharing our most recent June 2010 utility bill.
Even with the worst "June Gloom" I can remember along the Carlsbad Coast, we were still under $28 and change for the month.

Our annual true up should be around $-100 due to the higher summer rates (6 months beginning on May 1st) that SDG@E pays for our solar energy.

That's for a home, guest home, and the Mini-E at 16,000 miles a year.
The Mini-E remains the single best car I have driven in 32 years, and the only one I can power by sunshine :)

We're "crusin" to Newport Beach this weekend for a long weekend vacation with the Mini-E and hope to charge at the South Coast Plaza Mall as well as a fellow Mini-E driver's home.


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  1. Great Peder! I just received a letter from my utility, JCP&L that said I had a $145 credit because they estimated last months bill. My meter it currently about dead even to as it was when they did the installation so I've generated as much as I've used in the past 2 1/5 months. That's going to change now that the central A/C is on a lot and my pool is open so the pump will be running 8 hours a day. It's going to be interesting to see my consumption vs. generation through the summer. I'm so glad I did this!