Monday, May 24, 2010

How sad is this?

AP picture of a Heron dying in oil. 5/24/2010

There is a much better way and it's not that hard to do.

Our home is called Herons House so the picture above strikes close to the heart.

The ethos statement of our home was written in 2005.

"We are blessed and we are grateful. We live in America, in one of the most beautiful parts of earth. We are chasing a dream...we are flying...

Up and down the coast, searching, downward looking, in estuaries and lagoons for a high perch to nest. A home is found, an old nest of years perhaps decades, overlooking the lagoon. It will provide a good beginning…. perfect for the Herons.

Julie and I are building our home, reusing an old house on a large lot as a good beginning, perched above the lagoon and Pacific Ocean. Like the Herons, we will walk lightly on earth, using the resources provided to us by nature, in harmony and partnership with our environment, with each other.

The Herons' House. Our house. "

In the construction of our home and the choice to drive an electric BMW Mini-E powered by solar PV, we hope we have remained true to those words. We live in a very sensitive habitat with Herons and birds of all manor on our land and in our lagoon.

I have rescued a Pelican, wrapped up in fishing line while kayaking,

We have Herons visiting and flying by hourly

It is a paradise similar to the marsh lands of the gulf coast. I can't imagine the picture of the dying Heron being our lagoon.

Living and driving on electrons powered by renewable energy can end this madness of repetitive environmental disaster.

I will never buy a gasoline car as long as I live.

There is a much much better way to do this.



  1. Catastrophically sad Peder. What's worse is we haven't even begun to see the destruction and death from this disaster. PLUS, they haven't even stopped it yet!

  2. We won't be buying another pure gasoline car ever again either. We just had a 5.5 kW solar system installed on our Colorado home yesterday (but still waiting for our utility to install the new net meter to get us officially online). Next comes an electric car, though it looks like we might have to wait up to two years here in Colorado, even for the LEAF. After that, a PHEV, which will rarely use gasoline -- except for the relatively few long trips that we make!