Saturday, June 13, 2009

EV + PV = :)

Some of the 21 Sunpower 215 watt panels

The rock wall has a parapet roof and the 4.4 kwh solar is on top of that roof as well as integrated into other areas of the roof.

Today was 80 miles round trip in the morning down to the folks house in S.D. Mostly freeway at 70mph (15 miles left) and then a short trip to the beach with the gem car. The gem car has room for four, a large cooler, two beach cairs, and a soccer ball :)

We do have a gas car and that is a Ford Escape. Can't wait until that model grows a plug.

Getting ready for a nice dinner in Del Mar this evening with the Mini-E.



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  1. Hi Peder....great pictures! Looks like the ultimate home for your MINI E! T & K