Thursday, June 11, 2009

Driving on Sunshine #183 Delivery June 10th 2009

Let me simply say that living in a solar powered home and driving a car powered by sunshine is a dream come true for Julie and I. We have enjoyed the limited funtionality of the 2007 Gem car but #187 is a quantum leap from that car.

I have seen the future and the sky is bright blue :)

A driving blog post is in the near future, for now suffice to say I am having a blast, discovering a new world, and participating in the most significant change in motive power since we shifted from steam to internal combustion.

80 miles yesterday, 120 miles today, mostly enthusiastic driving.

Thank you Mini E team. Hue, Thanks a million!


  1. Awesome! Great pictures! We're back on the road again with #140 after a brief time out. :) Love the car!

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Started on a full chage, went 90 miles of pretty fun driving with some demos, 12 miles left on the readout, then I plugged in for an hour or so and a nother drive of 30 miles.

    T&K Great to hear your back with #140 and that they gave you a loaner while you were down. A lot of us were wondering how they would handle that.

  3. Peder,

    That 3rd photo, what/where is that? It looks like the MINI E logo on a huge pool cover.

    Tim, NJ, #TBD (tomorrow)

  4. Tim,

    The photo is the top of the car with a nice reflection of the sky on the grey part of the roof.

    good luck with your car and have a great time when you get it!