Tuesday, September 16, 2014

28 hours to 5 hours to 30 minutes. The future is arriving fast!

Julie and I are loving our our BMW i3's.  As a Mini-E driver, then an ActiveE driver and now both of us i3 drivers, I can say to you with experience and certainty the future is arriving fast!

Sungas 2 sucking the high "shocktane" juice in Carlsbad.

Each generation of BMW cars beginning with the Mini-E has allowed more flexibility and a greater radius of usability. In the Mini-E days it was a proprietary plug. Essentially it was either charge at home, find a friend with a Mini-E and share their home charger (this was very popular among Mini-E drivers) or use your 110 cable.

With the Active E it was standardized level 2 charging that allowed us to venture further from home base often stringing together locations with an overnight hotel stay to charge up.   It was a 5 hour recharge time for the Active E.

Now with the BMW i3 we are in the fast DC charge world.  Already in just a few short months we have traveled past LA and gone much farther and faster with just a short 20-30 minute charge to 85%.

The technology is simple amazing and greatly increases the flexibility of the electric car.   It's just a little easier to use now and the planning for a major road trip is getting easier each day.

Currently there are 5 CCS chargers in Southern California however by the end of the year there will be over a dozen.

This weekend in Carlsbad, Ca which is my home city,  the fifth and newest CCS charger was put into service by NRG EVGO Freedom Stations located at the Carlsbad Premium Outlet Stores

Here is a review of the station and my use of the station on 09/16/2014 :

The Station is an ABB Chademo or CCS 50KW Charger. 

I arrived at the station with less than 1/4 charge with 14 miles showing.  I plugged in at exactly 8:15am.

This is the welcome screen.  The rfid card reader was not activated yet so all I had to do is touch the screen for pump 2.   An important tip, after a few minutes of information display, the screen will revert back to this screen.  The charging cable is locked to your car and the charging continues. To get back to the information screen at any time simple touch the pump 2 button and it will go back to an active information screen where a stop charging touch button (see  picture below)  is located that will stop the charging and release the charging cable from your car.

In 15 minutes exactly I charged from 23% to 80%, an increase of 57%.

In 22 minutes I went from 23% charge to 85% charge, an increase of 62%.

I unplugged at exactly 30 minutes.   I went form 23% charge to 91% charge an increase of 68%.  The first 15 minutes of charging delivered 57% and the last 15 minutes of charging delivered an additional 11% as the charger slowed down at around 80-85%.


With this 50kw ABB charger it is possible to go from near zero to 85% charged in about 25 minutes.   In my test, I arrived at 23% indicated and it went to 80% in 15 minutes and 85% in 22 minutes.  It's just a guess but the tapering off begins somewhere between 80% and 85%.

This location is  great before 10:00 am and after 9:00 pm with lots of food and drink options nearby with an uncrowded parking lot.  Its a keystone location connecting Orange County to San Diego County.

When the Premium Outlet Stores open at 10am, the story changes a bit as the center is extremely popular and many cars will be using the charging station.  Last week I saw a Tesla "T-iceing" the location by simply parking in the EV charging space and not charging.   I've also seen the spots with gas cars parked there as parking during the day is scarce.

So if you plan to charge between 10:00am to 9:00pm be prepared with a plan B as you might be disappointed by a lack of availability at this popular location.

The future is arriving fast.  In Carlsbad, the future is here, in my garage and at the Carlsbad Premium Outlet Center.
It's amazing.



  1. Thanks for the detailed review and photos. I gotta try that out soon . . . there are a lot of excellent breweries to visit down there.

  2. You said you unplugged at exactly 30 minutes. Was that by choice, or because there is a 30 minute timer? I use the eVgo chargers from Nissan in Maryland, like the other one at the location you were at, and they are on 30 minute timers.

  3. It was by choice however I have noticed that they are shutting off now at 30 minutes!