Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Does your gas station pay you to fill'er up?

Gas stations get gasoline deliveries set at a certain price per gallon. The stations then sell you the gasoline for a certain price per gallon. Here's the important question.

Do you get paid by the gas station to put gasoline in your cars?
It's a crazy ass question I know, but is it?
Read on...

We get paid to fill up our two electric BMW i3's.
Here's an explanation of how this happens.

We average 400kWh of excess generation delivered by the sun during peak hours each month. We are credited $0.38 per kWh (annual average combining summer and winter rates.)
We use the same 400kWh per month at off peak and super off peak hours at the rate of $0.18 per kWh delivered to our two BMW i3's to drive a collective 1600 miles each month.

The excess generation of 400kWh makes us $152 per month.
The usage of the same 400kWh to drive our two i'3s 1600 miles cost us $72 per month.
This nets us an income of $80 per month.

Our Solar system was installed in 2007 and was fully paid off in April of 2012.

The difference is that gasoline is the same price 24 hours a day and very expensive and heavy to transport. Electricity is priced every 15 minutes and does not require a truck and driver to deliver it to your car or from the sun to your rooftop (that would be a very long drive.)  Generally, electricity is a high priced commodity during peak hours and a low priced commodity in the late night and early morning hours.  Solar PV and Time Of Use (TOU) rates can make that difference in price benefit the system owner and the electric car driver.

our monthly usage for two i3's driven a total of 1600 miles

our electricity generation and usage per month.

You can live and drive on sunshine :) Think about it.

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