Thursday, June 19, 2014

Off To A Great Start!

I swear that charging station was around here!

I''ll be updating our "Net Zero Energy Challenge" with a post around the first of July. That upcoming post will have the first full month of data (May 15th to June 15th) since we began the challenge on May 15th taking delivery of our two BMW i3's.

Julie saying goodbye to her BMW ActiveE and hello to her BMW i3

As a sneak peek, we have been driving the heck out of the BMW i3s! I did 1400 miles and Julie did 1000 miles in the month from May 15 to June 15 including a trip to the desert and mountains.  The cars are proving to be about 25% more efficient than the ActiveE. 

Our June stats show us to be 200 kwh below the belt-line for the first 15 days of June, Here is a pic of the last week.

We are averaging about -12kwh a day for the home and two cars and we will "bank" this for the horrific "San Diego Winter" when we will use more energy than we make. 

Harvesting sunshine to power your home and two BMW i3's is awesome!


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