Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is it possible to live efficiently and to enjoy the finest in living and driving?

Julie and I are big fans of the BMW i3,  that’s why we’re buying two.

It’s hard to get this down to a sentence or two, but when we built our home in 2005,  our ethos was to partner with nature, harvesting the gifts of nature, building the most efficient home possible.

In doing this, we wanted to elevate, we refused to compromise or lower the enjoyment of our life and the caliber of our dwelling, we refused to reduce our life to living in a small cave with one solitary light bulb,  solely for the sake of efficiency.

Our desire was to express ourselves artistically, with the highest quality materials, design and comfort in the size home needed to accommodate our family and friends, while partnering with nature, being as efficient as possible. We wanted to live in a net zero energy home, harvesting food and drink from our land. Not big or small, not right or wrong,  just our home.

We have always felt a kindred spirit with the designers and the engineers of BMW as we have progressed from the BMW Mini-E to the BMW ActiveE to the BMW i3 all powered with nature's sunshine.  We believe BMW has been on a course to design the most efficient car in the world while elevating the luxury and behind the wheel driving dynamics of the machine. 

We are intoxicated by the combination of efficiency, luxury, materials and design. We believe that this combination not only can coexist, but that efficiency is additive and required for the complete enjoyment of a home or a car.  It makes living and driving better.

Is it possible to live efficiently and to enjoy the finest in living and driving?
We think so.

Bravo BMW. We are excited to soon take delivery of our BMW i3's and to begin our 12 month net zero energy journey partnering with nature,  living and driving on sunshine in what we think will be the most efficient and best car in the world. 



  1. Congrats Peder! And thank you for setting a good example.

    A lot of people - in fact, I'd say the vast majority - are staying away from plug-ins (and from "green" homes as well) because they fear sacrifice. But my wife and I both drive electric vehicles that are far nicer than any gas car we ever owned, and this week we are moving in to a very stylish (not our design), spacious net-zero view home - largely made from recycled materials, with low-VOC finishes and several other air quality and water management touches. The only downside was how hard we had to look to find a builder making a home like this. There is no downside to the home! (I'd be willing to compromise for efficiency, but I am glad I don't have to - especially since my wife would not).

    These cars and homes will take over eventually as they are too good not too. It just takes a while for people to get used to "new" things...

  2. Thank you Redmond, congrats on your home and cars! I think that is the important message. That there is no need to sacrifice and you might find that an efficient home and car are more comfortable and fun to live and drive in!
    Thanks for posting!