Sunday, January 20, 2013

BMW ActiveE "Sungas" One Year Anniversary!

Thank you BMW.
After 30 years of generic gasoline blah.... I have once again fallen in love, or is it lust, with an automobile.
Our BMW one year anniversary, our journey in pictures.
Solar & Sungas forever.

2007, Solar PV installation on our home

Our first EV to drive on sunshine  "Woody"
2009 Additional 3kw Solar PV to power our Mini-E "Buzz".  "Sungas" Station

A home and a car 100% solar powered

Woody shares the garage with Buzz for a year. Our version of Toy Story

Buzz is one handsome dude!

BMW cast Buzz, Buzz and I, in a four part documentary film on the future of mobility. 

Buzz in the vineyard in Temecula

Buzz parking only
Our first public charging. Pre-J1772 at South Coast Plaza

Buzz at the beach

Buzz camping in Borrego Springs

Buzz, with 38,000 miles meets Sungas

Julie claims/steals Sungas as her car

Julie and Sungas. Beautiful and Beautiful.

Sungas and solar, beautiful and beautiful

Sungas at 5400 ft above sea level, a 104 mile ride up and down the mountain

Sungas in Idyllwild Ca on a 550 mile vacation
Sungas enjoying a sunset

Sungas in the vineyards
Sungas  dropping into Palm Springs 

Sungas in the Anza Borrego Desert

Sungas at a dead dino juice station

The last gas car I ever owned, Good Bye Plastic Car.

EVangelizing at Plug in America Day

Two ev's sharing the plug love
Today is our one year anniversary with Sungas.
Julie and I will never buy gasoline again for the rest of our lives.


  1. Can I say, "Solar envy"? I live in the central valley of CA there are no electric refueling stations in my local area so traveling any distance would be a problem. I do have solar on my home but intend to add more and hopefully be off grid some day. I really like the Tesla but its expensive. Happy Plugging to ya!!

  2. Like everyone else who got an Active-E, I'll never go back to a gasoline engine car again. Living in Palm Springs, there is plenty of sunshine to power my home AND my car. I slightly underestimated my solar panel needs at 5.5 kWh, but still only had a $1500.00 electric bill for the year and $0 for gasoline. Still a no-brainer. People look at my Active-E and are surprised it's ALL electric. Most comment that they wished electric cars looked a little more 'normal'. Unfortunately I have to agree, I'm not a fan of the new i3 and praying BMW releases the Active-E as well. From what I can tell, it will blow away the competition.

  3. NTDMD,

    We drove out there and stayed at the renaissance esmeralda because they had a charging station. You're all set with the great combo of solar and evs. At first I did not like the i3 but it is growing on me. The interior is amazing. I to wish I could keep the ActiveE, but I wished that I could keep the Mini-E in the beginning as well.
    For me the next car looks to be the i3.
    Thanks for your comment!

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