Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Sunny Transition To Electric Driving

Bacon and eggs… for the chicken it’s a contribution, for the pig it’s a pretty big commitment.

Julie and I have made a commitment. We’re all in,
We are replacing our only gas car with a second EV to join the ActiveE.
2 EV’s, 1 EVSE,  1 solar powered home.

A huge heartfelt  thank you to BMW for their vision, leading the way producing the Mini-E and the ActiveE.  We have enjoyed every one of the 50,000+ miles of super fun electric driving adventures in these two cars.  Starting out as cautious inquisitive skeptics we were willing to put our toe in the water and trial the Mini-E.  These two cars have proven to us just how easy, how crazy fun and how inexpensive driving BMW’s on solar electricity is.  

In 2009 we sold our backup car after a month with the Mini-E.  I kept the car around because I thought the Mini-E would only partially fill my driving needs. Wrong, it did 100% of the trips I asked of it.  Two and half years later, I was super excited and expecting to transition into the BMW ActiveE…whoops did not see that coming …Julie my wife steps up and says the ActiveE is going to be her car.   

Quick decision time, would I rather be happily married and let her drive the ActiveE thus going back to a gasser?  Or insist on it for myself as the original pioneer?  I have been driving the gasser for the past six months and  I hate driving on gasoline after driving an electric Mini-E for two an a half years.  Some would say I made a wise choice.

We strongly considered getting two ActiveE’s, almost did but Julie had not yet lived day to day as an electric car driver, we needed a bit more cargo room, so we weren’t quite ready to get rid of the other gas car. Plus, how would we tell both of them apart?

funny, our clothes match the colors of our cars

Now with six months in the ActiveE under her seat-belt (a princess does not wear a belt)   we both realize that only once or perhaps twice a year do we need a long range car.  That we can easily both drive electric cars, swapping for or renting a long range car when needed.

Todd and Kari Crook have been a big inspiration to us as they have also gone 100% electric with only their ActiveE, and have had no instances where they needed a gas car.  In fact, one of the joys of the BMW program is getting to meet and know so many of the other drivers and the BMW personnel involved in the BMW i division.  We have made some really good friends.

So were all in!  We are selling the 2008 Ford Escape and leasing a 2013 Honda Fit EV.   The cars should get along well in the garage, the charging ports are in great locations to park side by side as our EVSE is in the middle of our garage wall.  We have been assigned a VIN and have been told we will have the car this weekend.   I'm looking forward to once again wearing that EV grin and trialing the Honda.  I hear it's a fast fun little car with amazing battery chemistry.  We will see :)

Our next big dilemma is….a BMW i3 or a BMW i8.  And which one of us gets to drive it?

funny, her clothes....never mind

We’re saving our pennies BMW.  You have earned our trust and thanks. We appreciate you partnering with us on our journey and transition to electricity.  We have changed the way we live and the way we drive.




  1. Awesome Peder!! Congrats! I'm not quite there yet, I still need something with cargo space and range weekly but our ActiveE is our main car at least. I'm kinda jealous ;)

  2. Peder -- we too have "charged" forward to become a two EV family. With similar skepticism as yours we leased a Volt at first, wanting to eliminate "range anxiety." We love our Volt and were lucky enough to soon become participants in the ActiveE program. With two EV's and two EVSE's in our garage, our ICE's now sit outside about to be sold. Your idea of simply renting a long range vehicle when necessary is brilliant and we plan to do that.

  3. Thanks for the comments Chris and Bill. Bill Volt and ActiveE, very nice! I have no doubt that as infrastructure advances, range increases, and prices decrease, the gasoline car will be the odd man out. I tend to agree with Elon Musk and his prediction of 50%.

    When we need a gas car once or twice a year, we will swap cars with my daughter. She is excited to drive the ActiveE or the Fit.

    It's sort of like borrowing the truck from a family member once a year to move or haul things :)