Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vons for Juice and Ice Cream

Caption: News Article! Getting Juice at Vons is as slow as a glacier! 

A first for me, a trip to Vons for juice.

After a long 90 mile trip this morning when I returned home I had plugged the car in for about 45 minutes, and then Julie and I were off for a 35 mile trip with 33% charge indicated.   It was an extremely windy day here in San Diego and that cut into our range.

We made our off ramp with zero miles left and about 1 mile from the home we entered turtle mode. We decided to turn around go down the hill and "borrow" a little juice from Vons.   We spied an outlet near the vending machines and asked the manager if we could borrow a little juice.

We plugged in for 30 minutes.  Just enough time to grab a Thrifty's ice creme inside the Rite-Aid at $1.68 a scoop (what happened to $0.05 a scoop?)  Made it home no problem.   I promised Julie  I would not cut it so close next time.

Funny, still no range anxiety, there are plugs everywhere and it sure beats a tow!

You can see the plug just over the trunk.

With egg on my face, Peder


  1. Hmmmm... I guess we shouldn't mention that we passed two charging stations on the way home! I think the phrase of the future will be, "Real men don't stop for a top off charge!" as opposed to, " Real men don't stop to ask for diriections!"
    Your loving (and patient) wife

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