Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can you imagine, 205 horsepower in a Carbon Fiber Mini-E Rocketman?

Commuter cars have an earned rep of being small boring and lack luster in performance due to the fuel sipping nature of their composition.
It's high ime to write a new chapter in the history of the auto.
The race car/commute car!
Track days with slicks on Saturday, The not so boring ho-hum commute Monday-Friday.
A few months ago I wrote this:

"Give me the same 205 horsepower electric motor as in the Mini-E, the new 2nd gen batteries like in the Active-E spaced in the front and back for optimum weight. Carbon fiber, lots of it, I want to be able to select the DSC off or on, and I want the suspension to be able to handle the horsepower and torque so no need to detune the controller/motor at take-off. I’m fine with the top speed governed at 95. Lastly an integrated aero kit and a j1772 connector.

That’s my dream car, A Mini-E “Peder Spyder Special”
2250 pounds.
A 0-60 time in the low to mid 5 second range,
Range of around 90-100 miles with less batts (thanks to the lightness and aero of the car"

Please Please BMW/Mini make this Rocketman car a Mini-E. It will be the car of the century!

Can you imagine, 205 horsepower in a Carbon Fiber Mini-E Rocketman?
I'm going car crazy just thinking about it. It would launch a revolution in cars!
You are my Mini-E,
My Rocketman Mini-E.
You make me happy
When roads are clear.
You'll never know Mini,
That I ‘d love to have.
A Rocketman with electricity.

You Are My Rocketman
You run on sunshine.
You make me happy
When roads are clear
You'll never know gas
That I don’t miss you
Please make my Rocketman today.

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