Thursday, August 20, 2009

3000 mile service for #183

The odo triped over 3000 miles today which prompted an email to Irvine Mini for a service. They emailed back and said a "flying doc" would be there on Tuesday so the 25th it is.

I have had 3000 of the most fun miles of my driving history. Still no ticket but I have another 10 months or so to go and I know it's coming.

just one little problem so far and that is the air conditioner. at around 2500 miles it degraded to about 10% of it's cooling. All in all, one of my most trouble free cars yet.

The Mini-E has replaced 98% of my trips, the exception is the once every two or three month drive to Paso Robles our points north and east. I would gladly rent a car for those few times a year when I vacation with the car.

We have found that when we are home, the Mini-E is always the option, before it was sometimes my car sometimes her car, now it's always the Mini-E . My previous miles per month was around 1000 and with the Mini-E it is 1500+.

So far so good, zero emissions driving on sunshine.


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